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There are about 8,500 nonprofits serving Travis, Williamson and Hays county. Without reliable funding, many don't have the administrative staff necessary to to fulfill their mission or even file returns to the IRS to maintain their 501(c)3 status.


Waiting for a doctor's visit doesn't need to be boring. After email and social media, people want something to do. Browse art on line? Yeah! That's always refreshing and new. Learn about community resources, make a donation or learn about volunteer opportunities. That feels good.

Exam Rooms Could Be More Inviting

Covid has forced clinics and hospitals to remove magazines.

Why this? ->

doctor's office
doctor's exam office

Hang Local Artist Work In Medical Offices

The doctor serves his patients with more appealing and engaging décor. HELPS-Austin Premium Art highlights both local artists work and nonprofits. Instead of a coffee mug or tee shirt, the art print is the donation thank you.

A Digital Gallery For Artists & Nonprofits.

The Premium Gallery displays all the art ALL Austin registered nonprofits have selected as donation premiums. A QR code printed on the exam room art takes patients to browse the HELPS-Austin art gallery.  The art markets their programs, it's an appeal for donations, offers credibility and markets the artist all at the same time

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HELPS-Austin Distributes 100% Of Our Profits To Charity

Monthly donations from many people can provide reliable income and make the difference between survival or failure.

HELPS-Austin Helps Everyone Live Peacefully Safely