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HELPS-Austin is an online magazine highlighting the work of local arts and informing Austin residents about the services and resources nonprofits offer the Austin community

Art can engage the heart in an instant directing the mind towards what's important. What better medium to draw attention to the work nonprofits do in our community.

You have an opportunity in that moment to engage potential volunteers and encourage donations. You can make a compelling case why you need donations and tell how you use donations to serve the community.

Donations come to nonprofits three ways. 1) Direct donations - one time and repeating payments. 2) You benefit from sales of artist artwork telling your story through art. 3) We donate 100% of our profits to area nonprofits quarterly.

Artists benefit too. They gain exposure to a wider audience. People can order prints or original art from the artist. That effort helps us with a revenue stream for HELPS-Austin.

How to receive donations

We ask you to partner with one or more artists. They could be someone you know or someone already registered with HELPS-Austin. Artist's work is not visible to the public until they have provided you with a promotional poster or message. You benefit from the sale of the posters and distribution of our profits quarterly.

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